about the artist
Ivy Howard

As a longtime Colorado resident, Ivy Howard draws the inspiration for her creative gourds and baskets from the beautiful views that surround her at her lakeside home in the mountains.  “Transforming the raw materials in nature into unique decorative and functional pieces gives me great joy, ” says Ivy.   She adds,  “Having customers admire my work and add my pieces to their art collections is the highest compliment.”

Gourds are said to be the fastest growing art medium in today’s market in addition to being arguably the oldest cultivated plant in the world.  In her travels around the country Ivy hand selects the gourds from gourd farms and collects and carefully sorts the pine needles necessary for her work.

Ivy grew up in a small town in Iowa and spent her childhood looking over her mother’s shoulder, watching her transform clay and blank china into beautiful works of art. 
“The creative process has always been a part of my life” she states, “and after years of doing decorative painting myself, I was introduced to gourds by a friend.  I was hooked!”    

Ivy found gourds and pine needles a refreshingly natural medium for artistic expression.  The unique shapes, colors and textures of the gourds and the variety and versatility of pine needles allow her endless options for creativity. Admitting that it might sound a bit odd, she believes her best work is achieved when she allows the gourd or basket to ‘speak to her’ rather than forcing upon it a preconceived idea. 

Initially mostly self-taught through the use of instructional books and videos, she has continually added to her knowledge and skills by seeking out instruction from some of the best in the fields of both gourd art and pine needle basketry.  The composite of all these experiences is evident in her unique style and careful attention to detail.  Many collectors consider her pieces a fine investment.  Ivy hopes you will enjoy her work.